Film Festival

The so-called Tübinale is a short film festival organized by Media students at the University of Tübingen. For this year’s event, I was asked to re-design their visual identity and since the festival had no stand-alone website at the time, I offered to do both.

  • ServicesVisual Identity, Website, Wordpress
  • ClientUniversity of Tübingen
  • AgencyPersonal Project
  • Year2015

— Logo

— Program & Ticket

For some parts of the project (e.g. the evening program or the event posters), I had to work alongside the university’s bureau of communication, so I wouldn’t break the university’s Corporate Design guidelines and rules.

— Event Poster & Venue

— Homepage

One of the predefined goals for the website was to reach a wider audience, so the festival’s growth would be boosted. Its purpose was primarily to become a news- and blog-platform, where students would be able to write articles and blog entries about the (upcoming) festival and its participants, for the general public.
Since the winner of the festival in 2015 was a black-and-white, film-noir inspired short film (my submission :)), I tried to follow its look and created a corresponding, rather dark website, that would be somewhat comparable in style.

— Page Layout Examples

The blog (archive) page (left) and a single blog entry page (right).

— Mobile Layout Examples